Nike 以 United States Postal Service(USPS 美國郵政署)為主題推出致敬之作,早前受到USPS 美國郵政署反映指 Nike 並未在該運動鞋上市之前進行諮詢,而近日雙方於近日發布最新聲明稿Nike 已獲 USPS 美國郵政署的官方正式許可,現已可正式發售該鞋款設計!將會在近日正式推出。

全文如下:The U.S. Postal Service and NIKE, Inc. are pleased to announce they have come to a resolution on the upcoming release of Nike footwear inspired by the U.S. Postal Service. The Experimental Nike Air Force 1 footwear are officially licensed by the U.S. Postal Service. Any early images of this shoe were not authorized for release by Nike.

Nike N.354 實驗性支線於三月份以 United States Postal Service(USPS 美國郵政署)為主題推出致敬之作,不料 USPS 美國郵政署卻對此感到不滿,向 HYPEBEAST 提供了一份聲明,指出 Nike 並未在該運動鞋上市之前進行諮詢,因此將會極力捍衛自身權利。  事隔多月,雙方於近日發布最新聲明稿,意旨 Nike 已獲 USPS 美國郵政署的官方正式許可,現已可正式發售該鞋款設計: